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  • Directors and Lead Artistic Team:
    • Director: Mary McCreight
    • Author & Production Consultant: David Fiedler
    • Spring Drama Producer:  Keith Poppitz
    • Costumer:  Dianne Mueller
    • Lighting Design:  Kristi Eberley
    • Set Design:  Mark Amen

Cast-Primary Roles:

  • Young Charlie Barrett: Nathan Ohlau
  • Young Michael Barrett: Tony Lupo
  • Mom Barrett: Karen Dickey
  • Dad Barrett: Ted Eberley
  • Pastor: Andrew Howe
  • Michael Barrett: Robert Annis
  • Jeannie: Madison Bick
  • Frankie Vaccario: Matthew Bohlmann
  • Recruiter:  Blake Rundell
  • Mayor: Rich Goolsby
  • Lady in Crowd:  Jennifer Corcoran
  • Prom Soloist: Claire Kaline
  • School Principal/Conductor: Dan Haertling
  • Nurse Behken: Dianne Mueller
  • Chaplain Franz Engelmann: Keith Poppitz
  • Dieter Wischmeyer (mean guard) – Mark McCreight
  • Dr. Leimbach: Dave Fiedler
  • German Soldier in Hospital Erich Hohner: Ben Haupt
  • Man in German Town: Tom Wilson
  • Barrett child: Lindsay Miller
  • German Soldiers:   Tim Martinal, Kevin Wilkinson, Alex Hoffmeyer
  • Teens: Kelly Dickey, Katelyn Dickey, Taylor Martinal, Lindsay Miller, Jacob Martinal, Tim Wilkinson
  • Children:  Mackenzie Bick, Rachel Mueller, Lisa Bartz, Grace Wilkinson, Anna Kuschel, Bella Cloeter, Sammi Wientge
  • Singer:  Tom McVey


  • Props: Betty Rowold, Dianne Mueller
  • Lights:  Debbie Brewer, Donna Wilkinson
  • Sound Mixing:  Gregg Mueller
  • Sound Board: Bob Bentrup, Bill Orrick
  • Set Construction:  Mark Amen, Gary Gregory
  • Playing of the A/V Material:  Dan Geiger
  • Program: Lynette Jost, Ruth Hertlein
  • Facilities: Kathy Poppitz
  • Tickets: Lynette Jost, Kathy Poppitz
  • Publicity: Lynette Jost
  • Logo, Artwork Consultant: Ed Luhmann
  • Refreshments: Mary Lou Byrum
  • CMP Production Manager: Dianne Mueller
  • CMP Business Manager:  Larry Jost


 ** Thank you for a great 2013 Season **

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Congratulations to everyone involved with CMP’s 2013 Production of Fiddler on the Roof for the Arts for Life nominations and recognition received!

The performance is nominated for a Best Performance and Achievement Award in the Large Ensemble Musical Production category.

Keith Poppitz was awarded the Leeann Smith Cho Musical Performance Award for his portrayal of Tevye.

The following Nominations were received:
-Glenn Guillermo for Choreography
-Sean Andrews for Musical Direction
-Sarah Whelan for Set Design
-John Jauss and Aaron Wolf for Lighting Design
-Mark McCreight for Actor in a Supporting Role
-Nicky Collett as Fruma Sarah for Actress in a Cameo Role
-Dianne Mueller as Grandma Tzeitel for Actress in a Cameo Role
-Glenn Guillermo as Sasha for Actor in a Non-Singing Role
-Drae Page as the Fiddler for Actor in a Non-Singing Role
-Karen Dickey as Shaindel for Actress in a Non-Singing Role

Directors, Cast and Crew:

  • Directors and Lead Artistic Team
    • Director: Mary McCreight
    • Choreographer:  Glenn Guillermo
    • Music Director:  Sean Andrews
    • Costumer: Mickey Shearin
    • Set Design: Sarah Whelan
    • Lighting Design:  John Jauss and Aaron Wolf


  • Tevye:  Keith Poppitz
  • Fiddler: Drae Page
  • Golde: Celeste Hobbs
  • Motel:  Robert Annis
  • Perchik:  Matthew Bohlmann
  • Fyedka: Hunter Caldwell
  • Lazar Wolf:  Mark McCreight
  • Tzietel:  Madison Bick
  • Hodel:  Abby Benson
  • Chava:  Rebecca Mueller
  • Mordcha (Innkeeper):  John Jauss
  • Rabbi:  Mark Strahm
  • Mendel (Rabbi’s son):  Tim Wilkinson
  • Avram (book seller):  Rich Goolsby
  • Naomi (the beggar):  Tammy Duensing
  • Constable:  Dave Kuschel
  • Russian Soloist:  Jim Wamser
  • Fruma Sarah:  Nicky Collett
  • Yente:  Ali Pinkerton
  • Grandma Tzeitel:  Dianne Mueller
  • Shaindel (Motel’s mother):  Karen Dickey
  • Shprintze: Makayla Adams
  • Bielke:  Hanna Spanos
  • Sasha:  Glenn Guillermo
  • Young Tzeitel:  Mackenzie Bick
  • Young Hodel:  Sammi Wientge
  • Young Chava:  Rachel Mueller
  • The Priest: Craig Baker
  • First Woman: Sarah Page
  • Yussel: Chris Zawadzki
  • Mirella:  Julie Nagy
  • Nadia:  Heather Tomko
  • Rifka:  Erica Cruz

Featured Solists in Rumor

Ali Pinkerton ~ Julie Nagy ~ Heather Tomko ~ John Jauss ~ Tim Wilknison

The Dream / Klezmer  Band

Julia Pelizzaro ~ Kelly Dickey ~ Jessica McKee ~ Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson ~ Rosie Page ~ Nathan Ohlau

Dream Dancers

Amanda Ohlau ~ Katelyn Dickey ~ Erica Cruz ~ Grace Wilkinson ~ Jennifer Stroups ~ Meredith La Bounty ~ Jennifer Kerner ~ Erin Murphy ~ Alexandra Ford

Russian Dancers

Hunter Caldwell ~ Julia Pelizarro ~ Jessica McKee ~ Kelly Dickey ~ Karen Dickey ~ Julie Nagy ~ Meredith  LaBounty ~ Glenn Guillermo ~ Dianne Mueller

Bottle Dancers

Tim Wilkinson  ~ Drae Page ~ John Jauss ~ David McCollum ~ Vince Gordon ~ Dave Kuschel

The Mommas Ensemble

Nicky Collett ~ Sarah Taylor~ Dianne Mueller ~ Karen Dickey ~ Julie Nagy ~ Correne Schilling ~ Rose Garland ~ Sarah Page ~ Monica Lee ~ Jennifer Gould ~ Jennifer Kerner ~ Heather Tomko ~ Meredith LaBounty ~ Erin Murphy ~ Tammy Duensing ~ Ali Pinkerton ~ Celeste Hobbs

The Pappas Ensemble

Keith Poppitz ~ Mark McCreight  ~ Mark Strahm ~ John Jauss ~ Rich Goolsby ~ Chris Zawadzki ~ Craig Baker ~ Jim Wamser ~ Dustin Henry ~ Vince Gordon

The Sons Ensemble

Robert Annis  ~ Tim Wilkinson ~ Tony Lupo ~ David McCollum ~ Nathan Ohlau ~ Jessica McKee ~ Grace Wilkinson ~ Alexandra Ford ~ Bailey Ogle ~ Madison Tucker ~ Faith Ann Pranger ~ Missy Wientge ~ Lindsay Miller ~ Sophia Ford ~ Anna Kuschel

The Daughters Chorus Ensemble

Julia Pelizzaro ~ Kelly Dickey ~ Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson ~ Mary Strahm ~ Jennifer Stroups ~ Amber Zawadzki  ~ Katelyn Dickey ~ Erica Cruz ~ Cassidy Hayden ~ Amanda Ohlau  ~ Claudia Lappe  ~ Skyla Faber ~ Rebecca Mueller ~ Madison Bick  ~ Abby Benson

The Young Chorus Ensemble

Mackenzie Bick ~ Sammi Wientge ~ Rachel Mueller ~ Hanna Spanos ~ Makayla Adams ~ Kennedy Thomas  ~ Rosie Page  ~ Lindsay Miller ~ Lucy McReynolds ~ Gabby Collette ~ Emily Roe ~ Elise Spanos ~ Sophia Ford ~ Anna Kuschel ~ Hannah Taylor


    • Accordion:  Anthony Bertolino
    • Bass: Vincent Clark/Kane Hiser
    • Cello:  Patricia Gitto
    • Guitar:  Robert Hardcastle
    • Horn:  Mary Schmidt
    • Keyboard:  Gregg Mueller
    • Percussion:  Nathan McCord
    • Reed I (Flute/Piccolo): Katrina Dickmann
    • Reed II (Clarinet): Russell Roussin
    • Reed III (Bass Clarinet, Clarinet): Jessica Ingraham
    • Reed IV (Bassoon):  Joseph Hendricks
    • Reed V (English Horn/Oboe): Jan Parkes/Mary Ann White
    • Trombone:  David Bode
    • Trumpet I: Aaron Mahnken
    • Trumpet II: Kim Aubuchon
    • Trumpet III: Paul Chilson
    • Viola:  Morgan Sharketti
    • Violin A: Marilyn Humiston/Ed Simon
    • Violin B: Twinda Murry
    • Violin C: Dominique Lieu
  • Support and Crew
    • Properties:  Betty Rowold
    • Artist:  Mark Amen
    • Set Construction:  Dave Roberts, Mark Amen, Gary Gregory, John Jauss
    • Stage Manager: Lauren Thorburg & Laura Hough
    • Stage Crew/Backstage : Caleb Wilson, Jenna Hertlein, Jesse Barton
    • Painting:  Jennifer Hummel, Jess Lay, Sarah Page, Rosie Page, Alex Ford, Rebecca Mueller, Katelyn Dickey, Erica Cruz, Nathan Ohlau, Monica Lee, John Jauss
    • Sound Mixing: Chris Bergmann
    • Sound Board: Bob Bentrup, Keith Hampton, Bill Orrick
    • Spotlights and Light Board: Debbie Brewer, Kevin Dickey
    • Lighting Technical Assistance:  Kristi Eberley
    • Additional Light Hanging Assistance:  Will Bubenic, Colin Welker, Bob Bentrup, Gregg Mueller
    • House Manager:  Lynette Jost
    • Ticket Sales:  Lynette Jost, Kathy Poppitz, Christ Memorial Office Staff and volunteers
    • Program Printing:  Ruth Hertlein
    • Costume Assistance:  Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson, Kathy Mueller, Pat Nagy
    • Opening Night Reception Food: Margie Heimrich
    • General Assistance:  Donna Wilkinson, Kevin Wilkinson, Miriam Wolf
    • Video Presentation:  Dan Geiger
    • Consultant on Judaism:  Steve Cohen
    • Facility Coordination:  Kathy Poppitz
    • Refreshments:  Tim and Mary Lou Byrum
    • Backstage Cast Assistance:  Terrie Bick, Donna Wilkinson, Judy Ohlau
    • Technical and Music Support:  Gregg Mueller
    • Production Assistant: Dianne Mueller
    • Production Manager: Larry Jost


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